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Our goal is to be a conventions-free capital allocator focused on selected, deeply rational, and long-term oriented equity investments that generate superior returns to our clients and partners, while contributing to the development of the ecosystem around us.



We invest in American and European companies like a fund manager based in the U.S. or Europe would do. Instead of looking just to globally known companies like Apple and Disney, we have been working for almost a decade on building knowledge, relationships and a large database so that we are able to deploy capital in hundreds of U.S. companies, opening the doors to potentially more rewarding investments, for example, in companies at early stages of growth.


On the other side, being based in Brazil we are close and open to communicate with our local clients with whom we intend to build long-lasting relationships, grounded on trust and understanding of our principles and methods.


We aim to own a relatively concentrated portfolio, dominated by “going somewhere” businesses, with strong moats, predictable results, and managed/controlled by leaders we trust.


Unlike most institutions and asset managers allocating capital in the U.S., we like firms with defined controllers, as long as they are savvy and well aligned with minority owners, a judgment we have been learning how to make from experience over decades in Brazil, and over the last decade in the U.S.


For deeper insights on how we operate, please read our letters, especially the first one.



Tarpon U.S. Equities is part Tarpon, one of Brazil’s largest equity investment firms, with a rich history, large experience, and an engaged and driven team. With this we have access to both a deep network and a thick flow of information on different industries and trends, as well as practical knowledge on how companies perform in the real world, rather than just on financial models.

Guilherme Mattioli Partel - Guilherme has been an investment manager in U.S. and European equity securities since 2011. Guilherme left Nebraska Capital in 2020 to join forces with Tarpon and create a strategy to invest in these markets. Previously in his career he had worked at Tarpon and Brasil-Agro. Guilherme is an investment manager certified by Anbima.



José Carlos Reis de Magalhães - José Carlos (Zeca) is Tarpon's founding Partner. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omega Geração. In the past, Zeca has also served as Chairman of the Board of Somos Educação, and a Board Member of Cremer, Marisa, Arezzo, Brasil-Agro and BRF. Prior to founding Tarpon, he worked in the portfolio management department of Patrimônio/Salomon Brothers and, subsequently, at JP Morgan/Chase; as a business associate at GP Investimentos; and as Managing Director focused on business development at Semco Group. Zeca majored in Business Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

Chas Cocke | Founder and CIO at LB Partners. Chas was a cofounder at Investure, where he led many aspects of the business.

Pedro Faria | Co-founder at SK-Tarpon. Currently focused on private equity, high growth companies. Pedro led the investment in Petlove. MBA with Chicago Booth School.

Eduardo Mufarej | Tarpon partner for 12 years. CEO and Chairman at Somos Educação. Founder of RenovaBR and GKVentures.

Marcelo Lima | Co-founder at SK-Tarpon and 10b. Chairman of the board at Kepler Weber. Tarpon partner since 2008.

Vasco Oliveira | Co-founder at SK-Tarpon and Niche Partners. Previously founder and CEO at AGV Logística.

Rafael Maisonnave | Tarpon from 2006 to 2012, left for a period to launch his own fund (currently Tarpon GT, of which he is the CIO), and returned in 2016. 

Caio Lewcowicz | Tarpon in 2011. Caio co-founded HIX Capital in 2012 and was a partner there until 2019, when he returned to Tarpon to be the CIO at Tarpon Wahoo.



All of our operations are run within Tarpon, benefiting from its robust structure and top-notch team. Backoffice is done by Tarpon’s operations team, led by Fabricio Carvalho Silva. Trading is done by Martim Andrada.




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